Five Yachting Adventures to Plan in Sydney Harbour

Five Yachting Adventures to Plan in Sydney Harbour

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If you want to cruise one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, Sydney is the ideal venue. Not only is the harbour home to migrating whales but it also features some of the most beautiful nighttime city scenes. Enjoy a true yachting adventure when you set sail and experience the following excursions.

  1. Romantic Sailing Packages

You cannot find a better place to enjoy a romantic evening than Sydney Harbour. Cruise providers that provide yachting add romantic sailing packages to their featured services. For example, cruise-goers can sign up for proposal packages or sailing for couples. Overnight stays can always be accommodated.

  1. Whale Watching off the Coast of Sydney

You can hire a yacht and watch the whales migrating in Sydney Harbour and the surrounding area. Bookings for whale watching can be managed online. Whales swim through the area from May through August each year. Therefore, you can watch the whales from the later part of spring through late summer.

  1. Chartered Sailing Events

You can charter a yacht for a special event in Sydney Harbour. Yachters and lovers of boating can set sail on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Australia Day, and Boxing Day, which also marks the start each year of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race that ends in Hobart in Tasmania, 630 nautical miles south.

  1. Sunset Sailing

You can set sail in style by viewing the sunset from the deck of a luxury yacht. All you need to do is schedule a Sydney yacht hire or, in this case, book a luxury catamaran. Experience four hours of music and complimentary food. Sunset sailing events usually begin in the late afternoon (around 4:30 pm) and last for four hours.

  1. Corporate Team Building Races and Regattas

Yachting also comes in the form of corporate sailing packages. This is a great way to encourage team building outside the office so you can establish a strong workforce. Crew positions for these racing events include a team leader (who takes advice from the skipper), a timekeeper and navigator, and positions at the helm, mainsheet, and headsail. Tacticians also are used for support.

You can have a race per your budget. For example, a basic option costs around $1800 for racing two yachts and includes about 15 people. Other amenities such as drinks, catering, and more yachts can be included depending on your racing needs.

As you can see, yachting can be enjoyed in various ways. Therefore, this activity can be enjoyed by people of a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. Whether you need a yachting event organised and managed or you simply want to hire a luxury boat for a luxury overnight escape, you can find the perfect package for you.

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