Explore Bali By Enrolling For A Student Volunteering Program!

Explore Bali By Enrolling For A Student Volunteering Program!

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Students around the world are taking up volunteering programs, and if you are someone who’s willing to travel for a cause, you should consider this option too. There are many reasons for volunteering abroad. Some students like the idea of knowing a local community up close, while others are interested in cultures, heritage, and special causes. Of course, you get to learn new skills and take up challenges, and the process, get close to people who often have different lives than yours.

While there are a bunch of different destinations for student volunteer programs, Bali might be one of the better choices. Known for its incredible culture, friendly people, stunning landscapes, and unparalleled nightlife, this is where you can work for a cause and have the fun of exploring a new region.

What to expect?

Every Bali volunteering gap year holiday program is different, so a lot depends on what you want to get involved in. Typically, you would be off to the lesser-known parts of the island, where you get the chance to work on community development projects, taking up real challenges. Programs can differ in terms of duration but expect to stay anywhere between a week to a month. Also, you may get the choice to opt for an extension trip program, which allows you to explore Bali beyond work.

Do your homework

There are organizations that work closely with rural communities to offer programs for global volunteers. The cost of your travel to Bali is usually not covered, and you may have to send an application well in advance. Once you have reached and joined the program, everything from the stay to the food and basic arrangements will be taken care of. Note that this is a community program work, so expect just the basics and if possible, pack your medications, first aid kid and essentials. The organization in charge of your program will offer the relevant details that you need beforehand. As far as food is concerned, expect to get local dishes prepared in special kitchens by the local people.

A quick suggestion here – You may want to carry some cash along with you, because if you are in rural areas of Bali, you may not have access to ATMs. Also, make sure that you have insurance, which is usually not covered in the cost of the program. Check online now to find the best options and programs.

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