Denmark Holidays – Famous Tourist Spots

Denmark Holidays – Famous Tourist Spots

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Planning for Denmark holidays? Denmark has numerous places to go to which may help make your journey enjoyable. A couple of are highlighted below:

Hendes Christian Andersen Museum:

Situated in Odsense city, this museum is essential see. Hendes Christian Andersen would be a famous Danish poet, novelist and story book author. His children’s books are converted in British are available everywhere in the world.

Copenhagen City:

Copenhagen may be the capital of Denmark. It’s marked by a few church steeples. The Copenhagen Zoo is yet another interesting tourist devote Denmark where there is also a quantity of tropical wild birds and creatures. The Copenhagen Zoo is special in the own way and provides you with an unforgettable experience. The Small Mermaid in the entrance from the town of Copenhagen is yet another famous spot to visit. The Small Mermaid is really a statue of the mermaid and it has a height of three.3 ft only. The Botanic Garden of Copenhagen will interest not just Botany students but additionally family people who want to possess a walk-in-the-park with themselves.

Amalienborg Palace:

The architecture of the palace may be worth admirable.

Viking Ship Museum of Roskilde:

Roskilde may be the primary city within the island of Zealand and also the Viking Ship Museum informs us about the kinds of ship and seafaring vessels utilized in ancient and medieval ages.


Visit Slotsholmen where you will find the Christiansborg Palace and museums such as the Danish Jewel Museum, the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum and also the Black Gemstone museum.

Carlsberg Brewery:

Just go to the famous Carlsberg Brewery and also have a taste of the beers free of charge.

Bakkehus Museum:

This museum provides a obvious understanding of the Danish culture existing ages before especially concerning the Danish Golden Chronilogical age of Literature.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek:

Located in Copenhagen, this museum shows various pieces of art including modern art too.

Barbie dolls Toy Museum:

This museum is a big assortment of Barbie dolls Dolls. To go to the museum, you’d require prior appointment using the owner.

Assistant Graveyard:

This is actually the resting host to famous Danish women and men like Hendes Christian Andersen, Niels Bohr, and Peter Von Scholten.

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