5 European Countries To Visit for a Total Change of Scenery

5 European Countries To Visit for a Total Change of Scenery

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There is really no place in the world like Europe. It has fabulous monuments that reveal layers at the layers of history, and then incredibly breathtaking natural scenery that is amazingly diverse. Going from elegant to wiled, the European countries come together as a kaleidoscope of cultures, and its landscapes are a thing to behold. On this list will give you top five of the best European countries if you want to change your scenery. If you want to have more time planning your itinerary, you can hire an online travel agency such as Opodo. Opodo is a good travel agency that will take care of all your travel plans, including your flights, accommodations, activities, and transport in any country you choose.


Who is she is well known for its ancient walled towns and gorgeous pristine beaches with sparkling blue waters. Croatia is a land of immense natural beauty and an outstanding culture. This European country has some beautiful historic sites, national parks that offer striking waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and dense forest. The Kornati archipelago and the Plitvice lakes are some of the places you cannot miss.


With the rugged mountains, glaciers, and deep fjords, Norway will astound you. The national parks are spectacular, the scenery is unique, and so is the wildlife. The cities of Norway ooze sophistication. In the northern part of the country lies the Arctic Circle. You will come across quaint villages that add to the charm of the wild scenery. You will also get to experience polar bears and reindeers roaming around Svalbard archipelago.


One of the best things about Slovakia is that it is a budget destination, making it suitable for a lot of people. and the amazing as you will find in Slovakia are stunning, and  the architecture even more so. If you would like to get a different taste of beer and wine, Slovakia would be a dream come true. The town of Mudra for instance, is enchanting and will find almost every house has a vineyard. The scenery is breathtaking, and you will have a wonderful experience.


You haven’t visited Europe until you have gone to Greece. This country is simply amazing with Santorini bane one of the most romantic destinations and the world. Of course you can visit the country on a budget by avoiding some of the sea view hotels. Of course greases a vast country and there so many things you can experience not just in Santorini. The pristine beaches and the wild scenery will leave you with a wow effect.


Turkey is a colorful country with so much to offer. You will get to experience a nice mixture of culture, whimsical mountains, vibrant bazaar and marvelous ancient ruins. This is a country you will simply not forget. You will find modern shopping malls, ancient Roman theaters, and beautiful historic sites. The country is brimming with art and history that you will have a great time.

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